Class Documents


FILM 373 Video Games syllabus Spring 2013

Class Powerpoint Presentations

1-17 slides on Introduction to Video Games

1-29 slides on How Study vGames What Is a Game

2-5 slides Narrative

2-14 slides on Narratology Ludology

2-21 slides on Action and Interactivity

2-26 slides on Aesthetics Rules Graphics

3-5 slides on Art and Games

3-21 slides on Casual and Serious Games

3-26 slides on Game and Player Culture

4-9 slides on FPS

4-11 slides on Social Realism

4-16 slides Video Games are Bad for you

Other Handouts

Video Game presentation rubric Spring 2013

Test 1 Review Sheet

Test 2 Review Sheet (complete)

Test 3 Review Sheet

Final Project Rubric Spring 2013