How to Download WoW

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March 5, 2013 by tanineallison


After spring break, we will be playing World of Warcraft in our lab. I would like as many of you as possible to download Wow onto your laptop computers, so that we can play together with as many people in-world as possible. To do so, you will need to have a relatively updated computer (PC or Mac) with about 20 gigs storage available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In previous semesters, students have NOT been able to download AND patch (both are necessary) the World of Warcraft software if they are using the Emory University network. Therefore, you must download the program off campus using some other connection.

Here are directions for downloading and installing World of Warcraft.

1. Visit Blizzard’s website to download the starter edition of World of Warcraft:

2. Click the “Free Starter Edition” button and navigate to “Try It Now” in the next menu.

3. Input your desired e-mail and other information, which will give you an activated account.

4. Click “Download the Game” in the next menu. This will work for either Windows or Mac. Upon clicking, it will download the setup file for either format. Click “Install”.

5. You can begin playing WoW even as it is downloading and patching.

6. Agree to sign your life and property away to Blizzard multiple times and begin installing into whatever directory you hold dear (or not-dear if you want to get rid of it quickly after lab).

7. Once in the game, input your e-mail address now attached to your Battle.Net account and password.

8. From here, feel free to experiment with character creation, playing with classes and races.

9. For lab, we will be playing as either Orcs or Trolls on the Horde side, strictly because they start relatively close to one another. We’ll be staying mostly in the starting zone of the game to get the basic mechanics down and perhaps playing as some higher-level characters.

10. We will also be playing on the United States server “Sen’jin”. Which is a Player Versus Environment server recommended for new players (low population, etc.).

11. Let me know if you have any problems or questions about downloading.


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