Video Game Analysis Assignment

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February 21, 2013 by tanineallison

•Email to me (Word doc or PDF) by 11:59 pm on Friday 3/1 AND post to the blog
–Comment on a classmate’s paper before 6 pm on Monday 3/4
•ASSIGNMENT: Select a video game (it does NOT have to be from our class) and write a 700-1000 word analysis in which you make an argument about the game and use details from the game to support this argument.
•You will be graded on: clarity and quality of writing, quality of analysis, expression of argument, ability to connect the game to issues relevant to this class
•This paper should be an analysis, NOT a review.
–You want to say something about how the video game works, why it is structured how it is, how it represents something, NOT whether the game (or its components) are good or bad.
–Does not have to be comprehensive. Choose something specific you want to say about a video game, rather than trying to analyze all of its pieces.
–Citations from class readings or outside research are nice, but not required.
•Some ideas for Video Game Analysis:
–How do the narrative and gameplay relate/interact in this game? Is the narratology or ludology approach more fruitful for this game?
–How does this game relate to the definitions of video games we’ve discussed so far? Does it expand the definitions in an interesting way, or contradict them?
–How does this game break the magic circle, by influencing behavior outside the game? (Should still be based in analysis of the actual game.)
–How do the aesthetics (visuals, sound, mechanics, etc.) impact the experience of the game? Does the game play with different genres?
–How is the player character constructed? How do you relate to him/her? How does this differ from another medium?
–How do you relate to space in the video game and how is it significant/different from other games?

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