New Wii Mini


November 28, 2012 by gunheekid$100-wii-mini-for-canada/

So Nintendo is re-releasing the Wii, but in a smaller chassis and also at a cheaper price point.  The Wii mini, although it is super small and super thin, has lost some of its previous capabilities, such as being able to play gamecube games. Also the Wii mini can’t connect to the internet.


One thought on “New Wii Mini

  1. sczaja200 says:

    I’m not really sure why Nintendo is offering the Wii mini. The Wii seemed pretty small to begin with, and was going for as low as $89 this past weekend. Furthermore, the Wii mini is losing some important features such as backwards compatibility and Internet connectivity. Why would anyone buy this? Isn’t Nintendo hurting their recent release of the Wii U by offering this weak console?

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