Video Game Homework: Serious and Casual Games

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November 19, 2012 by tanineallison

Here is your homework for the Thanksgiving break. Please play as many and as much of these as you can. Most can just be played online for free; you don’t need to purchase anything to do this homework, though many are available for purchase for mobile phones, etc. Or maybe you can just play these games on your mom’s phone during Thanksgiving dinner. 😉 Enjoy and see you next week!

Casual games:

Angry Birds: play for free on Facebook or Chrome browser or download a free version for your phone/tablet

FarmVille 2: play on Facebook

Bejeweled: play free online here or download free version for phone/tablet or free trial for computer

Cut the Rope: play free online here or purchase for iOS/Android/computer

Plants vs. Zombies: play free online here or purchase for phone/tablet/computer/Xbox

Serious games:

September 12th:

Darfur Is Dying:

Cutthroat Capitalism:


McDonald’s Video Game:

You might also be interested in these, if you want to put more time into it (aka NOT REQUIRED):

Virtonomics: MMORPG Economics game “Start your business now!”

Mindbloom: Wellness game “Improve the quality of your life!”

EteRNA: “Make RNA!”


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