Madden 13: The Dreaded Controls

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November 19, 2012 by oliviavolarich

Madden 13: The Dreaded Controls

From the minute we put Madden 13 into the console, I was worried. I must start by saying that I do not enjoy video games about sports, but I was trying to keep and open mind. Many of my friends in high school and at Emory love sports games such as Fifa, Tiger Woods, and Madden, so I should I not like them too if I liked to play Call of Duty and Splinter Cell with them?

I really admire how detailed the game is: with all the customization options in the load menus as well as the multiple ways to play the actually football game. It was almost overwhelming how many options there were. In class, of course the first two people playing were two boys whom picked their favorite teams. They were also able to choose if they wanted to create their own custom player, neither of which did so. As they began to play the game, I tried to keep up with how fast paced it was, but in a different way. Madden’s speed is nothing like that of Halo where you must continue moving or firing, instead you have to actually “play” the game of football. It probably does not help that I do not understand the game of football at all, outside the context of gaming.

When it was my turn to take the controller, I was even more confused. I tried to listen to everyone’s commands on what each control was, but finally everyone just agreed on telling me, “hit the X button a bunch of times”.

All right that was fine with me. So when the play began, I attempted this strategy and could not even get the ball to be hiked! When the play began, all I could see what different shapes next to moving players from the perspective of the quarterback, but when I would press a button, I could not seem to connect with my teammates. Of course, I exploded in frustration because I am a very competitive person. Before I knew it, I had been giving three delay of games and was on my own end zone. I decided to relinquish the controller to Clare, whom also struggled with the controls.

I could have had a bias against Madden, and not been as open to figuring out how to play the game because of my dislike towards football and sports video games. I have heard from multiple people, however, that the controls for madden are extremely difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. I am sure if I took the time to learn the controls, I would enjoy it more especially because of my competitive nature. I feel I would become tired of the game though because I tend to be more invested in games with a plot and narrative.

Madden 13 is a very successful, triple A game that many people enjoy. Unfortunately due to the confusion about the game of football, and the confusion onscreen during play, it becomes difficult for a novice to play Madden. I believe there is some sort of training camp a beginner can play to learn the controls, so perhaps had I played that I would have been able to complete a pass. Overall though, I would not choose Madden to play because as we have discussed in class before, I do not enjoy sports games because I feel one should get out in the real world and play those actual games. I would much rather prefer to play a game like Bioshock, Tomb Raider, or even Braid.


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