Discussion 10/19

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October 19, 2012 by zack373


Hey everybody, this week’s discussion will be based on the new PlayMg which is an Android gaming device priced at $149. Please read the following article or watch the Youtube video emailed to your Emory email account:


Here are some suggested discussion questions:

1.       In “The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame,” Newman says that “pleasures of videogame play are not principally visual, but rather are kinesthetic.” Do you think this is more of the case or less of the case with mobile games, as opposed to games for traditional platforms (considering the obvious differences in control schemes)?

2.       The three big game system manufacturers (Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox) are expected to launch next-generation consoles in the near future. Do you think these consoles will be developed with handheld multimedia gaming devices in mind to take advantage of their capabilities?

3.       The PlayMg is an Android device which means it has access to over 60,000 free games on the android market (Google Play) including emulators and roms. How will this affect competitors (PSP, Nintendo 3DS) pricing and marketing strategies?

4.        Is the PlayMG a big milestone in gaming history or is it another fad more than likely to fail?

5.        Does the PlayMG device step outside the “Magic Circle”?


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