The Sims 3 plus EPs


October 18, 2012 by oliviavolarich

The Sims 3 Expansion Packs

            After talking about the Sims 3 in class, it seemed that a large amount of the class felt a certain way about the Sims. They felt as if there was no true direction to the game and that while playing, you were “enslaved in life”. Sadly, these people only had an hour to play the game, so they did not get to gain the full the experience of playing the Sims 3.

            I am a huge Sims advocate and taking this opportunity to stand up for one of my favorite game. After one plays this Sims, and is able to become more familiar with the game, they will see that there are finite goals your Sims must achieve. Once these are reached, there are guaranteed outcomes and rewards. For example, your Sim can have aspiration, which is what the game calls these goals, to buy a plant. So you must go to the market and buy the plant! From achieving this goal, so many things can happen; your Sim’s mood will improve, they will gain aspiration points, and they could even gain a new aspiration to want to learn to garden. From there, the possibilities are endless because you will continue gaining knowledge from completing aspirations.

            Now, gardening may not be as exciting as shooting and killing zombies in an underwater city, but if you are patient enough to invest your time into the Sims 3, you will be hooked. Another thing that many of my classmates did not get to experience were the benefits of the expansion packs. There are now eight expansion packs for the Sims 3. With these new expansion packs, a player can never feel like they are enslaved in life! Your Sim can go on adventures in different countries, have new exciting careers, go out for a night on the town, own pets, and even experience different seasons.

            The two that bring the most new material to the game are: the Sims 3 World Adventures and the Sims 3 Supernatural. The Sims arguably is one of the best simulation games in the industry; indeed it is called “The Sims”. So with the World Adventures expansion pack this example of a concrete simulation game became even stronger. Your Sims can visit the pyramids of Egypt and explore hidden tombs, or study martial arts in China, or even learn of “nectar” the sweet drink of France. The countries in World Adventures are models of real countries in a simpler fashion. They are a model of a system A by a simpler system B. The important thing to remember about this expansion pack is that it is about adventure. Your Sim can complete various quests that are linked together by a main story. These can range from exploring tombs, collecting treasure, and solving puzzles. So for those that felt enslaved to life, this expansion pack shows that not only is the Sims 3 World Adventures an excellent simulation of other countries, but your Sim can leave their everyday life completely behind and go on exciting adventures.

            The other expansion pack that adds excitement to the Sims 3 is the Sims 3 Supernatural. In this expansion pack you can create witches, vampires, fairies or even werewolves. Each of these supernatural Sims comes with strange, news traits and abilities. For example, as a witch, you can turn your friends into zombies but then you must find a way to control them. Of course this expansion pack is not a model of reality because we do not have vampires and werewolves running around. But it is still an excellent model of a simulation game because it is a model of what we believe witches and vampires would be like. It is also still constructed with a set of rules. This expansion pack is especially exciting because it completely steps outside the box of what a “normal” Sim life is. Your new character is now allergic to sunlight, or wants to feast on human brains, or flies around on a broomstick! This new supernatural world is about experiencing a life that your Sim hasn’t ever been able to experience before making it an exciting new expansion pack where being enslaved to life is not even an option.

            The world of the Sims 3 is all about the experience you create with your Sims. It is understandable that certain people would not enjoy the game in only an hour of lab. But if you are willing to invest your time into game play, you will see that the Sims is a complex and dynamic first hand experience of crazy worlds with intriguing story lines and characters. Whether your Sims are exploring the hidden tombs of the pyramids in Egypt or growing an unnatural amount of hair as your Sim turns into a werewolf, the worlds of the Sims 3 are certainly anything but dull. They are models of fantastical and whimsical worlds where you can be anyone and achieve any goals, and go on any adventure.


One thought on “The Sims 3 plus EPs

  1. rcthames says:

    A good counter-argument. I’m sure the Sims (as well as many games we have been playing) have a completely different appeal/dynamic when played alone in a different setting. I am generally in agreement, though it seems to me there’s something interesting about how the pleasures involved in the basic Sims gameplay are quite different than those involved in many of the expansions. I only have the Sims 2 to base this on, so it might be different now, but it seems that the expansions are very much about appealing to and channeling the type of playful, chaotic impulse for the out-of-the-ordinary. The standard Sims play, on the other hand, seems to be about everyday life, but an everyday life that has a certainty never found in reality (as you say, with “finite goals” and “guaranteed outcomes”). In this way it seems the designers attempted to broaden the appeal and/or cater to these two different impulses within the same person. The everyday and the extraordinary seem to be like two different games with (potentially) overlapping characters. Given the nature of the Sims characters as avatars, taking these characters from one gameworld into another seems a fruitful area to explore further.

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