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September 24, 2012 by rcthames

Hey everyone,

Since I’ve worked with this book before, I figured I would post some additional material I have. I had a brief email interchange with Wark awhile back for a presentation in a cultural studies course which I’ll paste below. Also, in case that whole book wasn’t enough for you and you want to read more along those lines, I’m attaching an old paper I wrote from the same class on cheats, hacks, and exploits in WOW.Resistant Gameplay in World of Warcraft

Dr. Wark,

I’m a PhD candidate at Georgia State University, and I am giving a presentation this coming Wednesday in my Media and Cultural Studies course about the ideas presented in your book, Gamer Theory. I was wondering, provided you have the time, if you have any statement to give regarding how you see your book contributing to cultural studies in general and game studies in particular, as well as where your ideas are heading now (in terms of expansions on or revisions of the ideas you’ve been working with). This is by no means a requirement for my presentation, but I thought it would be interesting to get your ideas, as the author, about where your work is heading. I apologize for the somewhat late email, and I understand if you do not have the time this week. If you find time in the future, I would certainly still be interested in hearing your ideas, and I’m sure several others in my class and program would as well.
Thank you for your time,
Ryan Thames
cultural studies i thought needed to confront new media forms, so i did that. It needed to think about the form of the work, so i did that. And return to its critical roots and not be so celebratory. And yet create heterogeneous readerships. Those where the sorts of goals. I’m not really interested in doing “game studies.” I wrote one book, now i’m doing something else. But game studies seems to me to want to not want to find the limits to game culture (and this would be the first sense of a ‘critical’ study). What do games not do? To the extent that it does want to find a limit, its breaking games. But that’s not the limit internal to the game. That just the old romantic trope of the exception.k


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