Video Game Analysis by Nikoloz Kevkhishvili

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February 8, 2012 by nikolozkevkhishvili

Darksiders originally known as Wrath of War, is an action adventure game released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 5, 2010. Due to its success in the gaming community, developers released the game for PC on September 23, 2010. The gaming community was skeptical about this transition and everyone thought that this conversion of controls would take away the smooth gameplay. The game was big success and sold over million copies worldwide.


The game is mostly praised for its exquisite combat system, graphics and voice acting. The story follows one of the four legendary horsemen who keep the world in balance. The world Is set in a post apocalyptic scenerery that has been ravaged by the war between the forces of heaven and hell. Most part of the world is inhabited by demons that pretty much wiped out humanity and turned them into mindless zombies. The character that the player is allowed to play is called War, who has been betrayed and stripped off his immortal powers. The aim of the player is to restore the lost powers of war, while figuring out the mystery behind the betrayer that set the whole game in motion.

The combat system is based on combo system. War’s main weapon is a sword called chaoseater that if continued to use, creates a three combo attack. The sword can be enhanced by enchantments found around the world that increase the damage done to certain monsters or help the War increase defense or health. The game gets more interesting when all the weapons are gathered. These include a shuriken type boomerang, a big nasty gun and AOE damage scythe. War can purchase extra combo attacks for different weapons from the allied demon vendor with the currency of dead souls gathered from killing the monsters.


Darksiders also could be thought as a high graphics puzzle game because of numerous annoying and impossible puzzles dispersed throughout the game world. These challenges include everything starting from hidden chests ending with an obvious copied blue and orange portal mechanics from a game Portal. These puzzles make the game enjoyable on some level, but sometimes it starts to resemble games like legacy of cain and soul reaver, which could drive a player nuts.

The Narrative side of the game is not something too unique, but it works well on the idea of mystery and surprise. Since the aim of the game is to figure out what really happened to the main character and who betrayed him, the player is drawn in the quest line that involves a lot of killing and soul gathering. The story world offered multiple characters that become your allies and who help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately the game does not have multiple outcomes, or anything that the player does throughout the game will have any significant effect on the storyline. Since the plot is so linear, it becomes nearly unbearable to play the game second time. After all the mechanics, mysteries, puzzles and awesome story parts are given away while playing the first time, second time does not feel as satysfying.

The game has three difficulties: easy, medium and apocalyptic but it seems that the developers did not spend too much time making the game actually hard. It is completely possible for a player play the game on the hardest difficulty and still finish in one piece. If the goes through every tunnel and gathers every single item and life/armor chests that are hidden in the world, then the game becomes somewhat too easy.

The developers also did not put too much emphasis on the boss fights. There are around seven boss fights in the game and all of them are highly graphic presenting a good level of execution. But unfortunately they are somewhat too easy to beat which makes the game look somewhat easy overall.

Many gamers do not like Darksiders because of its obvious connection to the games like God of War and Zelda games. But I think the game presents an epic story that is executed on a high level and can entertain a player from start to end with its complicated storyline and smooth combat system. The Vigil Games has already announced a sequel to the Darksiders that involves a second horseman called Death who returns to the mortal world to fight alongside War. Fans predict that since there are four horsemen in the storyline, we should expect four different parts to the game.



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