How to Upload your Papers

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January 16, 2012 by tanineallison

You must be signed in to in order to post. When you are looking at your Dashboard screen, select New Post.  Then cut and paste your paper into the text box. Use the Upload/Insert buttons on the top left of the text box to add video, images, or other media.  On the right-hand side of the screen, select the Format you want (probably Standard, unless you just want to showcase a video or link), select Student Blog, and add Tags for your post.  Finally, click on Publish on the upper right.

Please title your post with the Paper Assignment type and your name. Example: Video Game Analysis by Roy “Mr. Awesome” Schildt, or Article Analysis #1 by Steve Wiebe. Also, please include the Paper Assignment type as a tag (see the tags for this post).

You are welcome to add posts that are not your paper, but are relevant to the class (links to articles or reviews, videos, images, short comments or responses).  You should title them with anything other than one of the Paper Assignment types. Example: Why Skyrim Is Da Bomb.

If you have difficulty with technical issues, please email Alex at


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